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How to Book A Tour in Six Easy Steps

Our itinerary has been developed with the assumption that you will arrive in London and depart Manchester Airports via Liverpool. 

We are in the process of implementing a new Booking System.

Until the new system is available, we are using an interim, short version of our Reservation Form to hold seats for fans wishing to book a 2025 Beatle Tour.

We will collect minimal information about your booking to confirm your booking. Once you submit the short form, a message will be displayed stating your form has been submitted successfully. 

Once we receive the interim reservation form, we will hold the number of seats you requested for the tour you selected until the new booking system is available. When the new system becomes available, we will contact you and request that you use the new system to confirm your booking. 

There is no money due until you book in our New Booking System.

Liverpool Beatles Tour
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