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Beatles Tour
Beatles Tour
  • What should I know before booking The Beatles Tour?
    Click Here to read our Welcome document
  • Who are your standard guest speakers?
    Beatle friend and Apple Record Exective and Brian Epstein's assisant, Tony Bramwell and , Freda Kelly [watch her video on Netflix...Good Ol' Freda!!!] are our 'standard' guests Quarrymen Len Garry and/or Colin Hanton are considered 'surprise' guests on some but not all tours. John Lennon's first cousin David Birch has been stopping by to tell our group a few great 'Lennon' stories and provide copies of John with [babysitting] David... you won't find these on the internet. Special guests appearances are subject to availability of the guest but we have a good track record and get on their calendars a year ahead of time. Special Guests are subject to availability and their personal matters. If we know of a change in advance, we will inform you well as soon as possible.
  • What expenses might you incur that are NOT included in your tour package ...
    There may be a few occasions where a shared cab ride is the only transportation solution. The fares are not significant amounts and this typically occurs only 2-4 times per tour. Most meals are NOT included. Meals that ARE included: Breakfast at hotels each day; lunches during full coach tour days and group 'Hello' welcome dinner in London and 'Goodbye' tour finale dinner in Liverpool. For meals included in your tour package, beverages, alcoholic or not, are not included. We have taking this into account in our pricing as 'Free Refills' are non-existent in the UK and it would be difficult for us to control this expense. The purchase of Beatles souvenirs and memorabilia is your expense. Ask your Tour Host for best souvenir shops and [in London] 'tacky' souvenir stands to get that special someone you left back home a 'wiggling' Queen Elizabeth or bronze like statue of Big Ben... a favorite! :)
  • What meals are included?
    Breakfast at the hotel is included each tour day. We include one 'main' meal each day EXCEPT the day we travel from London to Liverpool where we have time and organization constraints. 'Main' meal is either dinner or a hardy lunch on tour days.
  • Is there free time to see other sites in London or Liverpool?
    In London... Each tour day is a Beatle packed from approximately 9am to as late as 5:30pm. Only evenings are open to explore London as a group or on your own. Most flights arrive early morning on check in day and The Beatles Tour does not 'officially' begin until that evening for our 'Hello' [Welcome] Dinner. There are many popular London sites near your hotel you may be able to visit on the day your arrive. You may also add more days PRIOR [recommended] to the start of The Beatles Tour using our Reservation Form. Our prices are reasonble considering it is London. In Liverpool...Each tour day has scheduled events with some days more full than others and some events occurring into the evening. However, there are several pockets of free time for fans to enjoy... Beatles Souvenir shopping, take a 'ferry cross the Mersey' ride, visit the British Music Experience or just take in Liverpool!!! Visit our 'Our Tour Itinerary' page to get good idea of time allocation during The Beatles Tour.
  • How are airport transfers handled?
    Inbound & Outbound private airport transporation is optional and offered at a special rate which we subsidize. The price for inbound airport transportation is... Arrive London Heathrow [LHR] $50. per vehicle Arrive London Gatwick [LGW] $75. per vehicle If you arrive London early, we will arrange inbound airport transportation only to hotels you have booked through us. Example... If you arrive London early and stay at the Marriot prior to the start of the tour, then we will not arrange airport transportation. If you add early arrival night through us, we will arrange airport transportation Upon Liverpool hotel check out on last day of the tour, we include private transporation from Liverpool to Manchester Airport only.
  • When does the tour actually end?
    The tour ends upon checking out of your Liverpool hotel on the date appearing on your Invoice. Most tour packages consists of 7 nights, some fans may arrive early and/or depart later. You should plan a return flight from Manchester You may also extend your stay in London before The Beatles Tour begins. Additionally, we can arrange Inter-Euro-City flights to Amsterdam, Hamburg, Paris and many other European destinations that depart John Lennon Airport in Liverpool or Manchester Airport.
  • Are gratuities/tips included or expected?
    We cover most gratuities with the following exceptions... On full day coach tours [2 in London, gratuity is appropriate for last day only] ... In London, our Beatles guide and driver is often the same person. In Liverpool, there is a Beatles guide and [Beatles] coach driver. If you enjoyed your day, let your hearts direct you as to tipping your Beatles guide. In Liverpool, we ask each fan to contribute 1-2 [3 for a couple] GBPs directly to the coach driver as they work independently. For meals, some pubs/restaurants add a small fee to your bill... LOOK FOR THS!!! The amount varies and is not consistently given to the server. If service was great, a few extra pounds is typically met with gratitude. REMEMBER, service in Great Britain is very different than many other countries, particularly the US and Canada. Your patience will be tested so just relax and don't get in a hurry. You're on vacation!!! :) Not a gratuity but something you can expect... during our Beatles Ale Trail visit to Beatle Pubs in Liverpool [including the now famous, 'carpool karaoke' pub, the 'Philharmonic Pub']. You will be welcomed warmly at each pub and, as a courtesy to the proprietor, we ask that you purchase a drink [soft drinks are available] at each pub we visit [2 or 3]. Drinks can be purchased in pints or 1/2 pints.
  • What about luggage?
    We suggest you follow your airline's requirements. Typically, one large suitcase [usually 50lb limit] and one carry on is sufficient for most fans. We strongly recommend your luggage have wheels as there are a few times you must manage your luggage on your own for short distances, such as through customs, to and from hotels from coach, etc. Please try to limit your baggage to one checked bag, one carry on and one personal bag.
  • Is Airfare included in my Beatles Tour Package?
    No. All Beatle Tours are sold as Land Packages. Airfare is not included. Additionally we highly recommend you purchase Travel Insurance. Click Here to view our recommendations for booking flights. Unless your travel plans call for otherwse, plan your flights to arrive London [either Gatwick LGW or Heathrow LHR] and depart Manchester Airport [MAN]. When you book your air online, select 'Multi Destination' which will allow you to select flights to arrive London and depart Manchester
  • How much baggage am I allowed?
    Please visit your airline's website for baggage rules. Be sure you are referencing 'international' flights baggage rules as they are much more generous than 'domestic' flight baggage rules. We recommend you use wheeled baggage and limit to one check in bag, one carry on bag and one personal hand bag. Be prepared to manage all your baggage when [for example] from departing coach to hotel front desk. At times, you will need to manage [carry on your own] all your baggage and belongings. A good example is to and from flights and from coach to hotel. Click Here to for tips on packing .
  • What is a single supplement?
    For single travelers only...there is a supplement a fan must pay if a hotel room will only be occupied by one person. As the business owner, we must pay the same amount to the hotel, whether a room is occupied by 1 or 2 people. This supplement covers the added cost.
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