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Flight to UK

Finding Flights to the UK

Unless clearly stated on your invoice, All Beatles Tours beings in London and will end in Liverpool. The closest International Airport to Liverpool is Manchester Airport. [Note that, when offered, for our Special Edition 'Liverpool Only' tours, you should book air travel 'round trip' to Manchester.]


Unless your travel plans call for otherwise,

  • Plan to arrive London Heathrow [LHR] or London Gatwick [LGW] airports.

  • Plan to depart from Liverpool from Manchester Airport [MAN]

For London arrivals we, optionally, offer car service from either London Heathrow [LHR] or London Gatwick [LGW] Airports at a special price which we subsidize. If you arrive Gatwick [LGW], let us know... there is a fast, inexpensive option to go from airport to hotel. Contact us if you arrive LGW.

Best kept secret... you can cancel international flights within 24 hours.


'Official' London Hotel check in is 3pm. Although our hotels will check you in early if your room is available but you cannot count on that as they probably have a full house from the previous Friday night requiring more time for housekeeping. Your options are... 1. find a cozy spot to the side of the hotel bar and take a nap or 2. Buckingham palace is a 20 min walk from hotel... Big Ben/Parliament, Westminster Abbey, 10 Downing St and London Eye, not much further... enjoy London for a few hours.


Our Advice for finding best flights...

  • Search or Google Flights to get a general idea of the airlines that are offering the best prices, convenience and flight duration. 

  • To book a flight to arrive London and depart Manchester Airports, set your journey type to 'Multi-Destination' [sometimes referred to as 'Multi-City']. This is usually at the first entry made to begin a search.​​

  • If a direct flight is not available or too costly, filter search for 1-stop and the search will display both direct and 1-stop flights.


  • When booking a flight with a stop [or more], be sure to allow yourself at least 2 hours between flights, 4 hours is good and not too bad as time goes fast and airlines board international flights early.  

  • When searching for flights, be mindful of the full duration of your travel time [including layover]. We've seen where price looks good BUT... looooong time to get there.

  • Consider price along with travel convenience, duration, and # stops.  A few hours more may save you a good deal of money. You may want weigh a 2 [or even 3] stop flight against the cost of a direct flight. Sometimes the savings is significant. Use care to you allow yourself plenty of layover time between flights. Air travel like

  • After you have searched 3rd party booking engines i.e., Kayak and Google, try checking flights directly on the airline's website.

United Airlines

Delta Airlines

British Airways

American Airlines

Virgin Atlantic


  • Shop around!!! You may be pleasantly surprised in what you find.

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