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sonali afrin
Apr 12, 2022
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Editor's introduction: This war in the field of used car e-commerce has been fought for ten years, costing tens of billions, and there is still no winner or loser. In 2020, under the epidemic, the second-hand car e-commerce buy email list field has encountered a major downturn. Where is the way forward for the development of second-hand cars? Perhaps, only when the platforms return to rationality and calmness can we see where the way out is and the ecology of the industry can be reshaped. The used car e-commerce track has changed. Recently, a number of media exposed that Renrenche plans to sell its main assets at a price of 10,000 Hong Kong buy email list dollars (about 8,586 yuan), which has been two and a half years since its last financing. Moving forward, Uxin used car has divested its two major businesses, Uxin Finance and Uxin Auction, and turned to bet on national purchases. The stock price fell to $1, and its market value evaporated by $2.3 billion since its listing. In the case that the second-hand car e-commerce has not yet decided the final winner, the leaders of the used car e-commerce buy email list who used to be all-powerful have come to such a point that people can't help but sigh that the cruelty of the second-hand car e-commerce track may far exceed ours. imagine. 1. The fall of the old king In the first few years of used car e-commerce, it was an era when burning money could burn miracles.
sonali afrin

sonali afrin

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