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Shopon Hossin
Apr 06, 2022
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The left was not reduced to its partisan format, it historically constituted a vast complex that associated, in a changing way, the social, the political and the symbolic and that had the labor movement as its center of gravity. But today it Whatsapp Mobile Number List has largely lost the battle of ideas, while indignation is disconnected from the horizons of social change, without which it risks turning into pure resentment. The left in search of meaning Reflections from the French experience. There was a time when the workers were at the heart of the town, they were its most important group. This group was expanding thanks to the power of industrialization and urbanization. Its organization as a "workers' movement" also Whatsapp Mobile Number List tended to gradually unify it and set it up as an objective and subjective class. The movement itself eventually mixed with the fluctuations of a wide current of Whatsapp Mobile Number List born in the heart of the French Revolution of 1789-1794; it revived with the three popular revolutions of the nineteenth century. it fed the representations of a properly political left. A fundamental sociological group, a labor movement, a clearly identified left… The myth of the “social bloc”, bourgeois or popular. had a small initial print run and was widely circulated through photocopies of photocopies, a kind of samizdat of cultural precariousness. It became a choleado book.In this way, to my surprise, the text was left in an interesting limbo, because Whatsapp Mobile Number List until then I believed that limbo would be a very boring space where nothing happened. It was a limbo not entirely unrelated to the subject of the essay, it circulated widely but was not formally recognized, as happens to many people in Peru. There is no formal exclusion in the sense of an explicit prohibition, but neither is the incorporation of the normal into the universe.
Shopon Hossin

Shopon Hossin

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