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chandna rani
Apr 02, 2022
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The Indians of the traditional communities found themselves, once again, in the role of a colonized people: they lost their lands, they were forced to work mobile phone number list for "foreigners", they were integrated against their will into a new monetary economy, they were subjected to new forms of political domination. This time, the colonial mobile phone number list society was the national society itself, which progressively extended its control over its own territory.26. Throughout the analysis, the emphasis is on the dynamics between class and ethnic relations as a duality. Class relations are embodied in capitalist labor relations that consider subjects as workers and not as ethnic groups. On the other hand, ethnicity mobile phone number list is anchored in community structures and, to the extent that the community structure breaks down, inter-ethnic stratification loses its objective basis. However, class mobile phone number list relations can take cultural forms, for example when the struggle for land is carried out in the name of the restitution of communal lands. The articulation between both criteria is not simple. Inter-ethnic stratification does not correspond to emerging class relations –“we are not saying that Indians and Ladinos are simply two social classes”–, as it is deeply rooted in the values ​​of the mobile phone number list members of society. In fact, it functions as a conservative force that holds back the development of class relations. To the extent that the process of class formation advances, new bases of stratification are developed according to socioeconomic criteria, even when "ethnic consciousness may, however, weigh more than class consciousness"27.
chandna rani
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