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How to Book A Tour in Six Easy Steps

Our itinerary has been developed with the assumption that you will arrive in London and depart Manchester Airports via Liverpool. 

Step 1

Read This Important Information

Step 2

Book Online

Complete & Submit Reservation  Form.  Use the comment box to indicate any special requests or a message to us. You will receive a confirmation message by email confirming we have received your form.

About Your Tour Invoices

You can request a quote via an invoice we will send to you shortly after receiving your online Reservation Form.   Your quote is valid for 5 Business days. There is no payment due at the time you submit the form. Once we receive your Reservation Form, we will hold your seat[s] for 5 days to provide you with time to  read and understand the Important tour information [as provided in Step 1 and in the Reservation Form]. By submitting your reservation form, you are agreeing and accepting the terms and conditions stated in the Important Information document. 

Your invoice will be sent to you as a link in the email will send you. Please save this link as it will not change. You can access your invoice anytime to confirm tour payments and dates for hotel check in. 


When you feel comfortable with tour arrangements, we ask you to pay the deposit [indicated in the email containing the link to your invoice] to confirm your booking within 5 Business days of receipt of your invoice. . The deposit payment is non-refundable but, if time and availability permit, you may apply the deposit payment to another tour date in the current and following tour years.

Our tour packages are sold as Land Packages. 

The price of our land package as it appears on your invoice is fixed and will not change once your booking is confirmed.

Step 3

Receive & Review your Quote/Invoice

Within 3-5 Business Days we will send you an invoice by email which also serves as your quote.  The email will contain a link to your invoice that will not change. Please review the invoice for accuracy. Keep this email in a safe place as you can access your invoice anytime to confirm payments and any changes to your invoice. The amount displayed on your invoice is firm and will not change for the booking.

Step 4

Confirm Your Booking!!!!

Once you have reviewed your invoice & feel comfortable with the tour arrangements, please make your deposit payment to confirm your booking. If you are paying only your deposit to confirm your booking, click on 'Pay other amount' button and enter deposit amount. 

Following is an image of the top portion of  a sample invoice ... shows where to change payment amount if not making full payment i.e., Deposit Payment.


Beatle Tour Invoice Sample.png

Step 5

Booking Confirmed!!!


Once your payment has been received, you are confirmed on your tour. You can access your invoice at anytime to confirm payments by using the link.  

We have a 3 milestone payment plan as follows:

Full payment is due 3 months from the start date of your tour. For example, if your tour first day is June 18, then full payment is due March 18.


  • Milestone 1 – Deposit Payment to confirm booking [non-refundable]


  • Milestone 2 - Four months from your tours start date,..  20% of your total tour package price becomes due. 


  • Milestone 3 – Three months from your tours start date, full payment becomes due. 

Cancellation Terms may be found in our 'Welcome... Before you Book' Document under the 'Help' tab of this website or in Step 1 found above.



Step 6

Arrive at London Airport!!!

In you selected our optional arrival car service, meet your driver for transportation from either Heathrow or Gatwick Airport to hotel and check in. The tour begins the evening of the tour's start date with our group 'Welcome' dinner & meet your Beatles Tour Hosts and other fans on the tour.

You will receive the following documents...

  • 'Welcome - Look before You Book' [this document] containing details about The Beatles Tour you should know be you confirm your booking including walking requirements, our terms, cancelation policy, Liability Waiver and other legal information. This document is attached to your invoice, on our Reservation Form and in the 'Help!' section on our website. 

  • Beatle Tour 'Survival Guide' Travel & Tour Information containing important information about the travel to the UK such as; electrical requirements, money identification and other very useful information. It also  includes general  information about our tour including hotel information. This document will be sent you on or before the 'Payment in Full' date [90 days prior to tour start date]

  • Your specific Tour Itinerary [fondly called the 'cheat sheet'] with tour schedule and meeting times and a summary of the day's activities. It also includes your host's contact information, hotel info is repeated and other info specific to your tour. This document, by design, contains the everyday information you should have handy during the duration of the tour. Keep either a paper copy or copy PDF to your phone/Ipad to keep in the ready. This document will be sent to you, not later than 30 days from your tour's start date.

Liverpool Beatles Tour
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