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Introduced by our Liverpool Guide Jackie, several fans discuss the highlights of their tour.

Marjorie tells us what it's like being on a Beatles Pilgrimage for a non-Beatles Fan.

Marjorie's friend and Beatles Fan Melinda at Big Ben!

Latest reviews for The Beatles Pilgrimage Tour Group Tours to the beatles liverpool & london.

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It was a splendid week of fun thanks for having me
 - Cheers, Tony Bramwell

The Beatles Pilgrimage Tour

to Liverpool & London

A 7 Night 'Fan'venture Tour into the History of The Beatles

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Reviews from Fans on Our Tour

​​​​Someday is Right Now

As a picky, long employed TV writer, intimate detail and storytelling are hugely important to me and Tony and Michael of The Beatles Pilgrimage Tour delivered on all counts. You are in safe hands here which is critical as it allows you to linger, be awash in memory or simply project your way back to where you once belonged. You get to see it ALL here chronologically---from Paul and John's boyhood homes to the Casbah, The Cavern (with live music from the day impeccably reproduced) to going to London to visit the sites of their zenith fame. It is all well planned to the second. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy every single second, like I did. What is better than walking across Abbey Road?? DO IT! Stop dreaming about it. Thinking about it. Here is what I know: someday is right now.

- David S - Dobbs Ferry, NY

We Loved Every Part of Our Journey

I can't express enough how thankful I am that we chose The Beatles Pilgrimage Tour! As soon as we did, things just kept rolling in the right direction. We felt safe, comfortable and the itinerary was perfect as it allowed us time to wander freely but also enjoy structured tour time. We loved every part of our journey and would really love to go again!
Cindy S - Bellingham, WA

Loved Every Step

Loved every step. So much to see if you know where to look.

David P - Houston, TX

Stories and Memories I Will Cherish Forever

I just got home from the most amazing 12 days of my life!  The Beatles Pilgrimage Tour was so well set up and organized.  ...packed with fantastic sights, yummy food, interesting stories and memories I will cherish forever! Thank you!

Mary B - Austin, TX

A Dream Trip

Marilyn - Fresno,  CA

A Non Beatles' Fan On A Beatles Tour 

Well sure, I like the Beatles' music, but I'm not a die-hard fan like my best friend, Melinda. I agreed to go on this trip because of our friendship, plus I've never been to England. I didn't know if I'd get bored or not. It was a great vacation! Liverpool was more interesting than I ever thought. Jackie Spencer was an excellent guide and it was such a treat to meet Freda Kelly, the Beatles' secretary and Colin Hunton, the drummer for the Quarry Men. Roag Best gave us a fascinating tale of the Casbah Coffee Club. I also enjoyed walking around the Albert Docks and visiting the free Museum of Liverpool. The Hard Days Night Hotel is a great place to stay and is very close to Mathew Street with the Cavern and several excellent pubs.We took the train to London to continue our adventure. Our hotel was across the street from the British Museum. Besides having handwritten Beatles' lyric there, they have a fantastic collection of rare books and the best collection of illuminated manuscripts I've ever seen. Bruce and Bob were our tour guides for the Rock and Roll tour of London. Being in a 15 passenger bus allowed us to see places that the big tour buses couldn't go. I also enjoyed seeing the other London sights- Camden Market, the London Eye, Big Ben,Westminster,Buckingham Palace, and our walk through the lovely St James Park. If you are the friend, spouse , or family member of a Beatles' fan, don't hesitate to take a Beatles' Pilgrimage tour. I'm glad I did and I know my friend, Melinda was thrilled with the tour too.

Marjorie - Canton, OH


A phenomenal tour!

Bill - Westbrook, Maine

One of the Best

One of the best weeks of my life

Henry S - Bellingham, WA

A Must For Any Real Beatlefan!

Everything was fantastic about this tour from the hotel to the tours. You really get to know everything about the Fab Four and their childhood and career.
Fantastic guides, Jackie in Liverpool and Bruce in London. A big plus also for Tony Bramwell who was Lovely. Tony M and Mike P you are relly doing a great job with this!! A must for any real Beatlefan!”

Ingela Söderström – Sweden

Best Tour We Have Ever Participated In

We just experienced the best tour we have ever participated in. Everything far exceeded our expectations. Seemed like we had angels watching over our group as our luck was impeccable! Tony & Mike were fantastic hosts and the addition of Tony Bramwell added more than I could have imagined. The memories will last for many years. All our guides(Jackie, Bruce) were incredibly knowledgeable and also wonderful to be around. I couldn't recommend this tour any higher , it was simply great in every way!
David G- Owens Mills, Maryland

The Dream High

I want to thank you SOO MUCH for the tour of a lifetime!  I still haven't come down from the dream high I was in the entire week.  I can't believe I was actually there, walking in the footsteps of my idols and seeing all the places that helped to influence what they became and how they lived. 

How lucky were we to have Tony Bramwell with us??? OMG!  Just to see his reaction and hear his stories as he relived everything was absolutely surreal!!  And then we met David Birch?? Are you kidding me??  

The entire experience far exceeded my expectations in every way.  Our group was great, the accommodations were wonderful and you and Mike were truly amazing!!!  I never once worried because I knew you had everything under control .You were able to see that we did everything we wanted to do, and I thank you especially for that.  Plus we SOOO enjoyed your company on all the excursions and during all the meals.  We were all like instant friendship and respect!

Sharon L – Manville, NJ 

Tour of a Lifetime!!!

My mom and I have wanted to do a Beatles tour for a decade and both believe this was the trip of a lifetime! Surreal and Incredible! Our tour guides, Tony and Mike, were genuinely invested in ensuring that we saw and learned as much as we could about the Beatles each and every day. The tour was extremely organized and our guides were very knowledgeable, making us feel secure and relaxed the entire trip. If you are a true Beatles fan looking to explore their history, you cannot possibly see everything in one day. This is guaranteed to be the dream trip for you!
Melanie L, Manville, New Jersey

Tour was AMAZING!!

Everything was perfect!! Mike and Tony take you places you could only dream about. The guides were experts and you could tell that this was just not a job, they truly love the Beatles. Having Tony Bramwell along just kicked it to an 11!! I also really enjoyed having the London Rock and Roll tour..it really pools the history of rock and roll together. Tony and Mike really care about everyone on the tour and go out of their way to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves and got the full Beatles experience..wouldn't change a thing!!

Kelley E, Owens Mills, Maryland

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