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About Air Travel

Do you have questions about booking your flight for the Beatles Pilgrimage Tour? Would you like assistance booking air travel? Cheryl is our travel coordinator and is available to help you book your flights, taking into account realistic connection times, price, and flight convenience. Just ask for assistance with airfare when you call or when you complete our reservation form. We have over 20 years of experience working with our clients to help them book airfare to Europe and can answer any questions you may have. Once you book your trip with us we’ll be in regular contact and available to answer your questions in detail and offer any support you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Travel & The Beatles Pilgrimage

For your convenience we have collected our best practice recommendations when booking air for our tours below. If you would like additional assistance, we're here to help. Just ask when you call or when you complete your reservation form.

Before Booking Air Travel for Your Beatles Pilgrimage - What You Need to Know 

Your Arrival Location
If you are on the standard Beatles FanVenture tour of Liverpool and London, you will fly into London (Heathrow is easiest!).

Return Departure Location
You will return from Manchester or Liverpool where our tour ends. You may also return to London by rail ($75/person) and book round-trip flights to London. Note: Our 2017 tours  tour begin in London and end in Liverpool. 

Multi-City Flight
Because you are arriving in one city – London (usually!) - and departing from another – Manchester - you will book what is known as a “Multi-City” flight. If you use Internet flight search engines such as Kayak, Orbitz, Travelocity or Google, you will see this as an option. When you search for a flight, select your preferred home airport for Departure and then select to Arrive in London, England and then select to Return from Manchester to your home airport. See the example of a multi-city entry form from Google Air below.

When should my flight depart for London or Europe?
Because the overseas flight is long and because of the time change, you will want to book a flight the day before your scheduled arrival in London. This means that if our tour starts on April 23, you want to depart the US on April 22. Generally speaking, the tour begins at approximately 4:00 p.m. on Sunday/Day 1.

How long is the flight?
A direct flight from the US East Coast is normally about 6.5 – 7.5 hours and the time change will “add” five hours to that. From the US West Coast the flight is normally 9 – 10 hours and the time change will add eight hours to that.

When should my flight arrive?

Try to arrive at your hotel by 2 PM local time - usually that means about a noon arrival at the airport. That is a standard early hotel check-in time and will give you enough time to unpack and freshen up before late afternoon or early evening activities. If you arrive earlier, most hotels allow you to check your luggage and you can stroll the neighborhood while the room is prepared. If you arrive later, your tour escort will help make sure that you are integrated into the evening activities.

When Should I Buy My Tickets?
For the best price and availability, the current travel industry recommendation is to purchase 4-5 months in advance. If you book your trip with us less than six months before your departure, we recommend you purchase your air as soon after that as possible.

Do you recommend a particular flight search engine?
No – we have many and as well as the airline’s own website search engines. They all have their strengths. Most offer the same fares and flights and the primary difference is the ease in search and purchase.

Do you recommend any specific airline?
No we do not.

Your Flight

How long prior to travel should I arrive at the airport?

The normal recommendation is 3-4 hours before an international flight. 

Should I plan to check my bags?

Yes, and the airlines are getting more strict about weighing and measuring carry on bags. Be sure to check their rules and requirements before packing.

Can I survive the Pilgrimage with carry-on luggage only?

It has been done, yes. Particularly if you can commit to t-shirts and layering. The challenge is the variable weather in the UK. You are very likely to want to pack a set of rain boots, a rain jacket and a warm sweater or two. 

Will I be able to charge my electronic devices during the flight?

It depends on the airline and the airplane. Check with your airline first.

Will there be entertainment on the flight?

There are exceptions, but yes on your overseas flight - 5 - 10 hours - the airline will likely offer a back-of-the-seat screen with a choice of dozens or more films ranging from still-in-theater to classics.

​​How long is the flight again?
A direct flight from the US East Coast is normally about 6.5 – 7.5 hours. Don't forget that the time change will “add” five hours to that. From the US West Coast the flight is normally 9 – 10 hours and the time change will add eight hours to that. Of course the reverse is true and on the way home you could arrive not an hour or two after your departure!

What if my arrival flight is late?
Our first day itinerary in Liverpool starts between 4 and 6 PM. If you are late, your tour escort will wait for you at the hotel and our guides will lead the rest of the group. If you are not too late, we will easily catch up to the group and enjoy the remainder of the evening.

In addition, we’ll ask you to send us your flight airline, flight number and departure date in advance and with that information we can track the flight while it is in the air. If we see that your flight or one of its connecting flights will significantly delay your arrival your tour escort will do their best to make sure that you miss as little as possible and on one is inconvenienced.

In short – DO NOT PANIC! If you have flight delays, contact your host.

After you arrive

When you arrive in London, you will clear customs and collect your luggage. You will be given instructions about your transfer ahead of time.